Hi Lorelei, hope this message finds you well.  I felt compelled to write to you for quite a while actually but just didn't want to bother you as I'm sure you must get overwhelmed with emails. A few months ago I read your book Runway Runaway, Fantastic read! I fell upon your book by accident, looking through my kindle Ebook  selection desperately hoping to find a book that, took me away from where I was at the time. Your book struck me right away. Having been a Def Leppard fan as a teenager, and seeing that time as the happiest years, for me it was the perfect antidote to how I was feeling. I never met Steve, but at a young age I was aware of how melancholy he appeared, unlike the rest of the guys, but that smile, wow it really lit up his face and no doubt the room he was in. Head turning for sure. I was so sad to read of your experiences battling his demons and for someone so young at the time I take my hat off to you as you never once let it define you. Heartbreaking as I'm sure he was a lovely guy, but, having experience myself of having my dad suffer from alcoholism it really is a monster. Very hard to see someone you love going through that kind of self abuse. Not only did your book have me hooked from page 1, I was interested to read about you and what you do to this day. It inspired me to a degree, I'm very much into self improvement, but in the last year I have allowed myself to be in a relationship where I have been emotionally abused and still to this day question if I am to blame. The light at the end of the tunnel is near and no matter how hard I am finding it and the feelings of guilt I have, it is my priority to remove both myself and my teenage son in the next couple of months to our own place. Heartbreaking but it has to be done. During that time I've slowly lost my self confidence and shadow of my former happy positive self. I have a fabulous job I'm an onboard manager with Virgin Atlantic Airways, a veteran flyer, over 25 years now! I've been successful in my career,seen the world,and still see it,   but at 44 years old the penny has finally dropped, it's no good wanting things to change in you, you have to be that change. You came through it, and everything you do is with positivity and I admire women like yourself for that. It's given me the strength to know I can do it too. I'm so glad I read your book it's helped in so many ways you couldn't imagine. I realise it's the anniversary soon of Steves passing, I'm sure he would be so proud of what you are doing, and carrying on his wonderful legacy. I wish you love, happiness and light and a very happy 2016.
All the best for the new year
Francesca xx


Lorelei, I just got through reading your book, and I literally read it in 2 days! Lol! I could not stop reading it and I identified so much with you and Steve in your story. I have been a devoted Steve Clark fan for 12 yrs now, since the age of 14. I had always been drawn to Steve more than the other guys and never really knew why. I always knew there was something different about him, he was not like all the other typical rock stars, and I have to say that made me love him even more! While reading your story I laughed, I cried, and I got chills. Because I myself didn't grow up in the "ideal" family, and I to have suffered from depression and anxiety. Which I very much related to on Steve's part. Not only do I love him for the musician that he was, but also because under all the glitz, the glam, and the alcohol he was probably one of the sweetest people around. And I can totally see why he was with you, because you to Lorelei are a complete sweetheart. Thank you so much for being so welcoming to us fans and letting us into your world with Steve. Ashley Hall 3/26/2014

AUDIO book: I've been a Def Leppard and Steve Clark fan, especially, since I was in jr. high back in the 80's when Pyromania came out.  Thank you SO much for the book and the insight into your life with Steve and your own tale, as well.  It was so wonderful to listen to the audio book version and hear you tell your story of triumph and heartache, of moments at the top of the world, and the lowest of lows and how you were able to pull yourself through.  Listening to you tell the stories of the life you shared with him made him seem that much more real to me and made me sad to have to accept, once again, that he's gone.  Obviously, I never knew him but, thanks to you, I feel like I know of him a little better.  And thanks for sharing an insight into the modeling world that I previously had little interest in learning.  It was wonderful to hear all those tales of your struggles to success and all you did to get there and stay connected with those from your past.  The only regret I have is not having read the book and missing out on the pics that I'm sure grace the pages so wonderfully.  I'll have to get around to getting a copy so I can see them! Thanks again,  Al


 Hi Lorelei! I Just finished your book on Audible and have to say how much I admire you for shining through that life keeping your head high while at the same time taking everything to heart along each step of your fascinating journey. Thank you for sharing all those intimate details of your life with us, truly a bold example for us beginning aspiring writers!
In sincere admiration!  Jonathan  

Hi Lorelei, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your "Innerbeauty" interview! It changed my way of thinking about myself. I'm now 40 years old & I see those body changes too, in the beginning, it REALLY bothered me & I have to admit that in a way, it still does. But after listening to you speak about your own body and the natural changes you see, as you get older, it really made a light go off in my head! I realize now that I need to & should embrace my lines (they are the ones that bother me the most!..) and other signs of aging & just know that I'm still beautiful and that this is what my beauty looks like at this age & at this time in my life. What you said about loving ourselves & realizing our own inner beauty really made a difference in my life and I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you again for sharing!Love, Jeanie

Hello Lorelei, Thank you so much for connecting with me. I enjoy your fan page, so I am very honored to be added to your private friend page. I discovered your book through a friend and had to swipe it for a bit. I love your honesty. I'm about 1/4 of the way through and had to stop reading my Patti Smith book because I couldn't put yours down. 
Thanks and Best Wishes,  Doreen


"Your book taught me how to do just that! I have loaned it to all my girlfriends and you have become our Ambassador of Strength. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of struggle, self worth, and empowerment! Our hats are off to you today Lorelei! Valerie K. J.


Lorelei, I have just recently finished reading your book. How inspiring it was is beyond words. I love that you have seemed to put everything on the line. Steve is my favorite guitar player and has been since i was about 5. Reading those pages and seeing in words that hardship you went through actually brought me to tears. Apparently crying on a golf course, though, is unacceptable. Haha.

I just wanted to thank you for writing about your life. It made the saying " you can do whatever you set your mind to" a reality.  Love and well wishes.
Stephanie McDade


Lorelei, I wanted to mention that I read your book.. I've had it for a while, actually, but just recently got around to finding the time to pick it up and read it.. I'm very impressed at how much it captured my attention.. you poured a lot of your soul and emotion into it, and it shows on every page. I really enjoyed the Lep bits scattered throughout it as well, offering a rare glimpse into what most people aren't lucky or privileged enough to have experienced.. it was a very enjoyable read. you've had a very interesting life, to say the least.. and I thank you for sharing part of it with us, taking us with you as you recalled the ups and downs and twists and turns of that roller coaster ride called life!
take care, and stay sweet!   Scott

Friends,  If you don't have it you should definately get it, I loved it! Shannon H Culp

Awesome book!! Definitely a page turner that you can't put down. Thank you for sharing your life with us Lorelei. Kelly Boran 

 Just finished it for the 3rd. time! :) Amazing story! If u don't have it ~ u need it. :) Barb Martin

I couldn't put the book down!!! I love your book!!! Wonderful photos as well!!! I had to get 2....One I keep on display with my memorbilia that you authographed for me and the other one I always look back through and re-read!! THANK YOU, LOR!!!!! Cindy Gloeckler 

 Lorelei, I've injured my knee and have been grounded to the recliner for a week, unable to do much besides catch up on all my reading. I'd like to say I finished your book first and I'm just speechless! You've led such a whirlwind life of extreme ups and downs, yet you're still wearing an honest smile of happiness. You truly are a strong woman, Lorelei. Thank you for sharing your life with us. *hugs!*   Lottie


 Dear Lorelei, It was so nice meeting you this past week. I read your book, and it is inspiring, as well as emotional. Now I see why you have a heart of gold. When I first met you, not knowing who you were, or what path you had traveled in life, I knew there was something special about you. I too have had a somewhat interesting life of rock stars, and tragedies in my life. Thanks for the book, and thanks for taking me back to my younger days of growing up on Def Leppard, Whitesnake, etc. Your beautiful on the inside and the outside. Rachel, Palm Beach, Fla.


Hi Lorelei...Did my walk thru your old stomping grounds in Paris today...wow...so tired, but I almost did it all...Started off finding La Coupole...beautiful place...had a bloody mary at the bar...found L'Hotel...went inside to look at the exquisite and cozy interior but didn't find a piano bar...found the exact spot you took Steve's pic by the bridge across from Notre Dame that is in the book...tried to get a passerby to take mine like that, but it didn't work quite right....went to the Brasserie and had a bordeaux...Marc wasn't working til 6 :( ... found your apt on Rue Bude...this lady downstairs came out when she saw me taking pix...she spoke English and I showed her your book because she hadn't heard of you or Steve or Def Leppard...what's wrong w/her??? LOVED the main street by your street...lovely shops...got some nice souvies and some ice cream at the place the lady told me to go...peaceful and quiet there..I see why you loved it so found the church and went in...gorgeous, indescribable...I was rather overcome w/emotion just being in there and thinking about how you all felt that night went to The Studio and had The Studio Nachos...I was a bit skeptical since I'm from TX and few do Mexican food right, but I was pleased...had another bloody mary there...didn't want to mix the liquors too much on my day out cruised by the Pompidou...a pantomimer was performing! Itried to find the Pacific Palisades on Rue Quincampoix...had a different name...I think it was Dans le Noir...was that the right street? I found an address on the internet of 51 Rue Quincampoix, but was disappointed found Les Bain Douches, but the gates were locked finally ended the day at Joe Allen's...had a bloody mary of course didn't make it to the original Chanel...this time...my friend Cheri has to come w/me next time..now that I know where everything is, I can do more in a day...altho that was a lot I think! Thank you so much for all the helpful suggestions and the great detail in the book...I'll be posting pix soon and will send you a note when I do. I see why you love Paris...I don't want to leave..wish I had some pals here, and I'd just hang out indefinitely...if I didn't have to go back to teaching in August... :(  Love and Light - Lisa

Hi Lorelei, My name is Beth and I'm a friend of Lesley Bxxxx's. She gave me a copy of your book (signed by you - thank you very much!) for my birthday earlier this month and I have to tell you that once I started it, I couldn't put it down! You've journeyed on such an amazing and challenging road through your life and I admire you so much for the perseverance you had during so much of your life... from your early years struggling with home life, to your persistence with your career, and in the challenging years with Steve. It was an interesting insight into your relationship and I can only imagine how hard it must have been to watch someone you clearly loved so much, struggle so deeply. Throughout the book I kept thinking of what a fighter you were; it seemed to me that you never gave up and faced every challenge in your life head-on. And through all the hardships and difficulties, it also seemed that you had a lot of fun, experienced a lot, and made some great and lasting friendships.
 I hope to meet you one day - Lesley has always said what a great lady you are - and just from reading your book and some of your facebook posts, I can see that. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us! I wish you all the very best in life!
Peace and love to you, Beth

 Lorelei,  Just spent the day in Jardin des Tuileries reading your book on a fabulous day in Paris! Love the book!!! I am following in your footsteps- Paris has a whole new meaning to me now;-) Hope you are doing well!! Patricia DuCharm- Paris, France

Hi Lorelei,~I just read your book again for the 2nd time. I am so inspired by your strength and courage and the fact that you allowed us into such a personal time in your life. I don't know if you remember me but I wrote to you about my experience with an ex-boyfriend also named Steve. It was eight years of my life that I will never forget although some I would love to..but I am learning to forgive and know I did what I could and none of it was my fault. I am very successful today in my career but at times I still find myself battling with a low-self esteem and self worth. Your book inspires me as much today as it did the 1st time I read it. I recently bought 2 more books to send to a couple of friends of mine. I hope it empowers them as women and gives them the same inspiration. You are truly a remarkable lady and I hope one day I can make it to a signing in a city nearby to meet you in person. Take care and God Bless You! Sincerely, Brenda Guild- Southern Tier of NY

Lorelei, I have never torn into a book so fast! I cant wait to read it all the way! You are beautiful and so strong! Thanks for coming to Lansing.  Kirbay Preuss

 Hi Lorelei, I met you at the USM prison project riding with you, Shelley and Lencsi.  I finished your book this past Friday night and I was touched by your experience and strength to step forward for yourself.  I must confess I shed a tear and chuckled at the same time knowing that Spirit put us in that car together.  I too am watching my husband drink himself to death and the relating of your experience let me know that I wasn't alone.  You are beautiful, precious, playful, caring, and very dear and I am so glad I got to know you through your book.  I look forward to our paths crossing again one of these days.   Suzanne Ward, MA Spiritual Psychology

"I'm reading R R again in my free time at school. You are such an inspiration for me to go out and do things in life. Not hide under a rock forever. :)" Lauren

"i just finished reading your book tonight...thanks for sharing your personal story of your ups n' downs with your modeling and your life..it was inspirational and helped me to continue to renew a personal goal/dream of mine as well.." Pamela

Letter from Author Event Hostess Jody...Good morning, Lorelei,
Just wanted to tell you  how much I (and the entire group) enjoyed seeing you and spending time with you yesterday.  You are such a positive, energetic, sincere lady, and it was so special to hear your story directly from  your lips.  I so admire what you have done with your life and how you now are using your life experiences to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  You are doing what I believe we are ALL meant to do - take what we've been given in this life, make the absolute most of it, learn from it, and then use it to bless others.   This journey of life we're on is not always easy, but those who are determined to persevere, through both the good and the bad, are to be commended.  Bravo, girl.
Thank you so very much for taking time out of your schedule to be with us and to share your heart.  It was such a wonderful time, I hated for it to end.  I look forward to seeing you again - hopefully soon! - and learning more about what you're doing now with your prison work and more.  I appreciate your friendship, and feel blessed to know you.
Much love,
Jody :)

 "After reading your book I feel like I should be on a first name basis with all of these people. I know so much about them and you, but yet we never met. It's a true sign of solid writing ability . . . well done." Renee Walshire

"I just finished your book, and I cried for you many times throughout. I am so sorry for everything you went through. I'm sure it will help so many others, though. God Bless." JoAnn Meaney

Lorelei, I just received my copy of your book in the mail.  I am looking forward to sitting down and reading it from cover to cover.  I have glimpsed at what it holds and I have to say that I started with the portion of the book about Steve's death and it brought tears to my eyes.  I have been of fan of DL since I was 17 years old (1980ish), and I remember clearly when I heard of his death.  Some people remember when JFK was killed, or John Lennon, but I remember Steve's death with that clarity.  I can't imagine how you felt.  I look forward to reading the rest. 

 Lorelei, I just finished your book... It was amazing, I will recommend it to everyone!
xoxo Vivi

Hi Lorelei,  We have not yet met but I am am a fan of your book and of course Def Leppard.  I wanted to tell you of a great book store in NJ that holds some fantastic book signing opportunities.  If you have a moment please check out http://www.facebook.com/l/ed82d;book-ends.com.  Ozzy will be there next week.  Maybe next time you are in NYC your people could set something up in NJ to  meet some of your fans in the Garden State!
Peace and love to you always   Anne Marie

Lorelei, My name is Angelina, and I am a huge Def Leppard fan. My father ,Larry Dlouhy, had bought your book for me for my birthday this past August. I absolutely loved it! I am 13 years old and started liking Def Leppard at the age of 11. Steve Clark was my favorite member, and when I found your book, I really wanted it. I was up all hours of the night reading your book, and I had some laughs, and I shed some tears. I thought the book was so brave of you to write, I thought it was fantastic! Sorry it took so long to tell you how much I loved the book. But it's better late then never!  Sincerely, Angelina D. lilducky

I want to thank you for writing your book “Runway Runway” and replying to my Mum after she read your book.  For years I’ve been trying to help my Mum with her troubles as she will never be completely right no thanks for my alcoholic father, but the few short email responses from you and reading your book has given her hope that slowly she can get over her previous marriage to my father and can move on with her life. I imagine you have many fans and help many women, but your time is valuable and I want you to know that you really have inspired my Mum and given her a new found spirit to finally get over things. Thank you!  Anonymous

Hi Lorelei, This is Kim again - I wanted you to know an also I wanted to acknowledge another beautiful result your book has given to me, to my own life path journey. As you and so many others on this planet I had a less than perfect childhood and past right before I met you and got your book I had started my journey toward self healing and had started well attempted to start my own story but obviously I was not ready and the timing too was not right, so after doing a very random outline it was shoved away that was 3 years ago. And honestly would think about pulling it out to work on but knew I would probably never do it until....
I met you. got your book and as I read it the powers that be started sending one life lesson and open door after another WOW! Anyway after these new lessons on this past sunday I sat thinking about your book and how honest you were and how difficult it must have been to write for you, how much it helped in healing your past. I turned on my laptop and started writing my life story I have not stopped at it and have 5 chaps with each chap having 3 sub chapters already and it's only thursday, how cathartic it is to get it out. So thank you for your courage in sharing your life its helped me to do the same! In Love and peace, Kim

Hi Lorelei,
I just finished reading your book and want to "Thank You" once again for bearing your "Heart and Soul" on those pages...I Really enjoyed the book as it was Very well written and interesting...What AMAZING Experiences you have had so far in your life!! It was interesting for me to read about the "behind the scenes" information in the modeling industry. I am so impressed on how you continually "Stuck to Your Guns" in Not "Giving In" to the "Playboys" in the industry and were determined to make it on your own and by "Your Rules!!" Good For You Lorelei!! As for your relationship with Steve Clark, Steve was VERY BLESSED to have had You in his life because he knew that you TRULY Loved him for the person that he was and not for the Celebrity that he was...Thank You for sharing all the information on Steve and your relationship together...Have you ever been able to communicate with Steve's mother again? Just curious...Lastly, I really like what you say at the bottom of the Credits page.."To my readers, please remember.....The truth is, everyone in this story did the best they could. No one did anything wrong. It is my belief that we are all put here to serve each other on our paths towards our own personal growth and upliftment. If not for our relationships, especially those that are challenging, how would we ever find the higher powers within ourselves?" Very well said...Thank You again and even though we are only linked by this FaceBook connection, I am honoured to have you as a "Friend" God Bless You Lorelei Steve McClanahan (Chicago, IL)

Dear Lorelei: I just finished your book and I just wanted to tell you "Thank you".  It's an incredible story. One of the reasons that I'm writing to you is because I found some of your story familiar to me.  I also walked away from a loved one who was an alcoholic. It's an unfortunate tragedy to us all to lose someone so special, so lovely, so gifted as Steve Clark. God Bless you Lorelei." Colleen from Kenora

Dear Lorelei, Thank you for your book and for your courage. You've helped me see that I am not alone. With Love, Kimberly P.

I just finished your book this afternoon. It was wonderful. It made me cry starting with page #4 and the line "you never said goodbye". I was inspired by your strength,because I have been married to a recovering alcoholic for the past 17 years and although he is doing very,very well (at the moment) that could all change in the blink of an eye. Its funny I bought the book because I am a die-hard Def Leppard fan and have been since high school.Little did I know that I would be uplifted and inspired,so much so that I found even more strength for myself within those pages.And because of your book I have decided that I am going to go to AL-ANON; even my husband is doing well I still have issues of my own from all of the years of dealing with him. Thank you for the inspiration and God bless you! Sincerely,
Robin Y.

Lorelei, I've been sick the last few days which allowed me to read the book real quick. What an adventurous life you've led! We have more in common than I thought, as I am an ACoA. I remember at 9 years old calling my Mom at the bar (there trying to drown the pain of divorcing my abusive father) because my siblings and I wanted dinner; I wound up making dinner that night. I have a sister who is 6 1/2 years younger so I started "mommying" her. As my mother slipped further into her addiction, I started to parentify; eventually I would become old enough to work and try to help keep food in the cupboards and the electricity turned on. A whole family suffers in these situations, and like you, I chose to become the "hero child". I'm a survivor too, Lorelei. I found the success that I insisted as a child I would, and I'm happy. Of course, you survive, but not without some issues. Many of your words at the end hit home - putting others ahead of yourself, being a "fixer", having to learn to walk away from the madness, etc.

I'm happy to say my Mother has been sober for eight years now. Although, I admit my fear that she'll return to her vice never really goes away.  I'll recommend your book to all my fellow Lep fans (Steve can draw them in, but the story of your life will grab them).

I'm glad you shared your story, Lorelei, "warts and all". It may be about fashion, romance, and rock 'n roll, but it also provides insight and little history lessons of the decades you grew up in. It's about survival and survivors. It's a page turner and an eye opener! Phenomenal!!!  Sarah

Hi Lorelei, My name is Tiffany, I won the silent bid on your book at the Raven Drum Foundation Holiday Party.  I read your book in two days.  It was AMAZING!!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!!  I don't know where to start regarding your book.  There are so many questions and so many things I want to share.  Your story is fascinating and unbelievable.  You are a very strong individual mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your experiences through your book and being an inspiration. Tiffany N.

Lorelei, I'm not a fast book reader at all but I burned through these pages faster than ever!  Received yesterday, done just tonight.What a great read!  Yes, I am a DL fan and have always wanted to know the why's and how's of Steve's journey. Thank you for that. What is truly a great read is the story of you.  It's interesting, honest and very open.  I loved all of the factual details you have included. Great story-telling from start to end. I am very happy that I purchased it." Thank you again. Robin S.

Dear Lorelei, I received the book and read it too already. I didn't let go of it till I read it all, cover to cover (and now I heavily advertise it to my friends). I take the chance now to tell you how much I loved your book. I was pleasantly surprised with your honesty in presenting also the downsides in your life and let me tell you, this kind of sincerity is extremely rare in our days where everybody is trying to present themselves as some superheroes beyond fault. I don't know you personally but while reading your book I felt such a togetherness with you: I laughed with you, I cried with you, I got wiser with you. And all of these were possible only thanks to your open, soulful sharing; Thank you again for writing this book. With respect and from the heart, Anca

Dear Ms. Lorelei Shellist, We might be total & complete strangers, but by reading your book, I feel like I have known you for years.  Just recently, I have finished reading your phenomenal biography & I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your life story with the public. The events that occurred are so amazingly detailed that I could almost smell the bars in Paris & feel the biting wind in the cemetery.  Women of all stages and walks of life can relate to your amazing story.  Thank you very much for bringing your bittersweet but loving story into my life.  I look to you as a role model and I hope that someday I might meet you!  May 2009 bring you peace, love, and happiness!" Sincerely, Olivia L. A.

"This book is one of the best books I have ever read.  Ms. Shellist is a truly wonderful person and a very gifted writer.  I just received the book on Saturday and I am about 20 pages from the end...I cannot put it down. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to her for sharing her story with the world.  It must have taken her alot of courage and strength to write it. I wish her all the happiness and peace this world has to offer....she's an amazing lady!!" Best regards, Lisa D.

"I encourage you to pick this book up and read it. You will not be disappointed. You will be thrilled and surprised like I was. Its like actually buying a CD and liking every song on the CD! I haven't done that in years, so I am very pleasantly surprised. Happy Reading." Jan S.

Dear Lorelei I have just finished reading your book.
I would just like to thankyou so much for sharing your story.
It brought back memories of my struggle trying to help my husband who had a drinking problem.
I walked away after 14 years trying to help him an dragging myself down. I did finally leave taking my children. He died five years later.
 thank you again,  liz


Lorelei I am finally reading your book on kindle for the android smart phone I am on chapter 14 i love the book so far and I admire u for going through everything that u have gone through to get were u are today even though i have never met u in person i think u are a wonderful person and that u have a really big heart . And all your heartaches and stuff how may i ask did u do it seriously u are my hero!

Terri Lynne Sinchak


I wanted you to know that i read your book on my kindle and i loved it .

Terri Lynne Sinchak