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On the cover of W in YSL

Lorelei modeling Chanel

Another Chanel couture look

Lorelei in the jacket she made for Steve Clark


Lorelei's 30th birthday party at China Grill in NYC

Steve goofing with Lorelei

Steve Clark and Lorelei in Paris and on the Hysteria Tour with Richie Sambora
of Bon Jovi, Paul Dean of Loverboy, and Bob Rock

Lorelei with Daryl Hall at the Hollywood Bowl

Brian Ray chez mois pickin' & grinnin'

4th of July KISS  2010 back of Seahorse Manor
4th of July 2010---Forever Young- Teenage Sweethearts!

Brian Ray in concert Pre McCartney Days

Your are listening to solo guitar performance "Switch 625" played by Steve Clark of Def Leppard

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Brett Michaels and me in Dallas on the summer tour 2009
Irvine Show 2009- Robin Zander and Tom Peterson
Tampa Show -Rick Savage and Pat Travers buying my book!
Backstage autograph time at Def Leppard show in Irvine
Paul McCartney - David Grohl and our very own Brian Ray on the Grammy's

Robert "Mutt" Lange, Phil Collen, Rick Savage, Joe Elliott, Peter Mensch,
Steve Clark, Cliff Burnstein

                            Jackson Browne and Lorelei at Tom Petty Concert, Hollywood Bowl

Steve Clark on holiday


Lorelei with Joe Elliott and niece Polly

Vivien Campbell and Lorelei

Daryl Hall and John Oates in concert

T-Bone - Me - Daryl - Mike Braun

Phil, Lorelei and Vivien on tour

Steve Strange

Film Score Composer Nick Glennie-Smith, Celebrity Chef Corinne Wilson, Guitarists Brian Ray and Phil Collen

Down Boy live with Michael des Barres and Brian Ray

Jon Bon Jovi at The Pond

Lorelei and David Bryan of Bon Jovi backstage after the show LA April, 2008