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Runway Runaway Book 

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Runway RunAway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock 'n Roll
A true story. 

Runway Runaway illustrates the story of a neglected child turned teenage runaway who follows her dreams to become an international model, eventually finding herself in the process. From the streets of Los Angeles as a teenage waitress, to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, and New York, working as a model/muse to Lagerfeld at Chanel, YSL, Christian LaCroix, Geoffrey Beene, Bob Mackie and more… Lorelei Shellist has led a life full of gritty and glamorous extremes. Fortitude and sheer will jetted her off to Europe, where she met the doomed love her life; fiancé Steve Clark, of the multi-platinum selling rock band, Def Leppard. Ultimately fleeing and finding the strength to save herself, Lorelei shares her candid and blatant truth of how she survived the greatest loss in her life, the aftermath and the determination to not only survive, but to heal herself, and help heal others. This is her story, a 300-page memoir that at the surface may seem all glitz and glam, but whose beauty runs deep-- an every woman's quest for strength, hope, happiness, understanding and inner peace. Runway RunAway is a backstage pass to fashion, romance & rock 'n roll.  Filled with pictures, journal entries & backstage passes, it offers readers an entrance into a private world of being a rock star. But more importantly, Lorelei's story is honest, heady and intimately healing!  It's a must-read for any man who ever wondered what living life in the fast lane is really like, any parent who ever wanted to guide their teenagers with authority, and any woman who has ever loved too much. 




US $10.00



   It is a story of perseverance, determination, following your dreams, compassion and loss.        








Runway Runaway Book Reading with Phil Collen, Lead Guitarist of Def Leppard

YouTube video including comments by Rick Allen, Drummer of Def Leppard

Rick Allen of Def Leppard: "Lorelei highlights the complexity of relationships and the complexity of addiction. How one person's problem can really just really affect everything. She really brought an awareness of what was going on with Steve that the rest of us had no clue about. Its fantastic to see Lorelei on this fantastic project that she is doing, I'm really proud of her. "  






Reviews &Testimonials:


"Lorelei Shellist's inspiring story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity and a demonstration of the power of the human spirit." - Irene Kendig, M.A. Author, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor


“A powerful tale that takes you to the point where the worlds of fashion and rock and roll collide, Runway Runaway is a must read!  I stayed awake all night to find out what happened next!”Diana DeVille – DJ -


"Just open this book and let Lorelei take you on the journey of her life...I guarantee you, she'll win your heart, just like she won mine." - Martin Torgoff, Author, Producer/Commentator, VH1's The Drug Years, Sex--The Revolution, Lords of the Revolution


 “Put an evening gown on Miss Lorelei and watch this adorable, goofy, “wild child” morph into the most beautifully elegant of fashion divas. I always thought she must have an interesting back story, but who knew? This woman is a force of nature and a genuine survivor." - Award winning Celebrity Fashion Designer Bob Mackie


“An incredible story told with intimate reflections of vulnerability and courage. I was drawn in by to the humor, the sadness and the love, and put the book down feeling like I had been personally a part of it." - Lauren Monroe, Co-founder Raven Drum Foundation and Veteran Resiliency Project, Singer-Songwriter and wife of Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard


“Some people, it seems, just can’t handle the truth. Lorelei Shellist was the fiancée of Def Leppard’s Steve Clark until Clark’s drinking and depression drove them apart and sent the guitarist to an early grave. In writing a book about their relationship, Shellist has incurred the wrath of some who would rather not know the truth about their hero. It seems that some people would really rather not know the truth.” Scott Rowley, Editor In Chief of Classic Rock Magazine UK,

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